Villhard Speaking Series | The Solution Space -- what makes for a "loveable" solution to a problem?
Doug Villhard had each of our entrepreneurs bring in a product or service that they LOVE and cannot live without. They shared the product/solution and what problem it solves. Doug had each student dig deeper into the emotions behind each of their loved products:
Katherine’s product: 1997 Lincoln Town car

What is the problem that it solves?
• Transports her from point A to point B

Peeling back the layers...why does she LOVE it?
• It provides something that she would not want to live without…freedom.
• Provides luxurious comfort.
• Carries the legacy of her family (passed down from 3 generations).
When you dig into the emotions of your problem, it helps you design a solution that someone will really love. In turn, this leads to more effective marketing, more customers, and something truly special.
What makes a solution loveable?
• It solves a significant problem
• It mystifies and delights (evoking real emotion)
• It is “all the rage” (or has the potential to be)
• It renders all alternatives pointless
• Its cost becomes irrelevant