Business Visit | Ooh La La Spa, Anti-Aging, & Wellness | Dr. Kristen M. Jacobs, MD and Dr. Robert Wise, D.C.
“Success doesn’t bring happiness…happiness brings success.”
When you hear Dr. Jacobs and Dr. Wise describe their careers, the business they have developed and their client interactions, you cannot help but become excited by their passion and enthusiasm.
This morning, our 20 young entrepreneurs received the red-carpet experience at Ooh La La Spa. After a delicious breakfast and tour of their lovely office, students had the chance to dive deep into the story of their business.
While entrepreneurship can bring the freedom to be your own boss, financial success, contribution to community growth and so much more…it is important for any aspiring entrepreneur to understand that owning your own business goes FAR beyond the title of CEO…As business owners, you take on the added roles of:

• Dreamer
• Visionary
• Teacher
• Manager
• Work Mom/Dad
• Electrician
• Plumber
• Cleaning Service
• Lawn Service
• Babysitter
• Inventory Manager
• Accountant
• Marketing Expert
• Negotiator
• Salesman
• IT expert
Overwhelmed?? Dr. Jacobs and Dr. Wise say that every ounce of hard work is 100% worth the happiness they have experienced from their careers.
“I LOVE my job! Purse something you love doing, find what drives you, go all in, and you will be successful!” – Dr. Jacobs
Dr. Jacobs and Dr. Wise are not only annual financial investors and guest speakers, Dr. Jacobs is a mentor and newly appointed Edwardsville CEO board member! Their contributions of time, energy, support and talent are incredibly appreciated. Kristen Jacobs and Rob, THANK YOU for ALL you do for our students and program!
Ooh La La is dedicated to delivering results driven by the highest level of experience and compassion. With over 14 years of Aesthetic Medicine experience, the Ooh La La team delivers fantastic, natural looking results while keeping in mind your goals, lifestyle, and budget. Since we believe that beauty is more than skin deep, we take a holistic approach to health, wellness and beauty. We believe in complete SCIN + Body care, that is why we spell SCIN differently. |