Villhard Speaking Series | (Discovering) Your Problem
CEO students do not only launch a class business during first semester…they launch their own, individual business second semester. How do they do this?? Doug Villhard helped students explore the art of the side hustle this morning.
What is a “Side Hustle”?
- Side: In addition to your “Full time” focus (school, activities, job etc.)
- Hustle: Out there making it happen for yourself
- Makes money
- You love it
- You can (potentially) scale
- Betters (something)...or at least doesn't make the world a worse place
What is NOT a Side Hustle?
- Just a “part-time” job
- Just a “hobby” that doesn’t make $$$
Students are using Doug's killer "Side Hustle" categories to evaluate different ideas! It is never too early to start thinking about this exciting venture :)