Guest Speakers | Utilitra
Utilitra is a woman-owned firm specializing in utility and technology solutions. They are on a MISSION to deliver innovative solutions through the power of family, integrity and collaboration.

CEO had the opportunity to peek into the world of finance and human resources as they conversed with Dee McDonald (CFO) and Jamie Foster (Human Resources Director).

While two vastly different departments, several of their key takeaways were rooted in the same core values:
• Employee satisfaction = key to success
• Communication is paramount. Miscommunication is at the source of most struggles.
• It is incredibly important for ALL company employees to understand, and buy into, the company GOALS.
• What makes a business a success? The PEOPLE!
• Change is inevitable. Accept and embrace it!
• A positive attitude can make situations and change way easier to manage. Focus on a “We can do this!” mentality.
A huge THANK YOU to Utilitra for sharing your business insight with us today. We are thrilled to have Utilitra as a program investor and yearly contributor!

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