Guest Speaker | Lacy Able | GCS Credit Union
Speaking on the topic of financial literacy this morning was GCS Business Development Representative and CEO mentor, Lacy Able!

Lacy’s enthusiasm and excitement surrounding financial literacy was contagious as she led students through a discussion surrounding:
• Differences between banks and credit unions
• Savings & checking accounts
• Managing your accounts
• Budgeting 101
• The world of credit
• Student loans
Do not sell yourself short—no one can do what you do like you do, understand and be proud of your worth. Recognize that all of your experiences, past and current, play a role in where you go next. Embrace ALL of the lessons from ALL of your experiences and let it guide your growth. Lacy, THANK YOU for sharing the story of GCS, your time, knowledge and gifts!

Edwardsville CEO is proud to have had GCS as a program investor since our launch in 2018. Students excitedly donned their new CEO pullovers, a generous gift from GCS!

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