Last week, CEO had the opportunity to meet with two lead members from Sunbelt Business Brokers of Edwardsville, President Misty Menossi and Business Broker Kristy Lavelle. Both leading ladies provided students not only with their stories but core advice on how to approach customers.

📌 Sunbelt is a company that specializes in Business brokerage, bringing sellers and buyers of business together. Sunbelt assists buyers and sellers in completing transitions by streamlining the sale process.

Entrepreneur Magazine has ranked Sunbelt the #1 business brokerage franchise every year since 1995!

Mrs. Menossi shared Sunbelts core values and how important it is to be welcoming to everyone!

📌Integrity: Revere honesty and welcome disagreement.
📌Golden Rule: Treat others as we expect to be treated.
📌Objectives: State goals and measure performance against them.
📌Excellence: Seek continual improvement in providing higher quality service at a lower cost.

Thanks again to Sunbelt, for taking the time to come and meet with CEO and sharing your stories!

Shoutout to CEO student, Kielee Schreiber, for creating Sunbelt's shoutout post!