The Art of Negotiation!
This morning, two brave CEO souls volunteered to set foot into the offices of Steve Cooper (Division President) and Abel Anderson (Edwardsville Community Bank President) at First Mid bank to ask for a badge sponsorship. Leading up to this meeting, our CEO crew of 20 has been deep in discussions surrounding badge design, manufacturing and potential sponsorships.

Learning how to approach business contacts, how to formulate “your ask” and set up meetings is a skill that each of our students needs to develop. All students discussed and rehearsed potential scenarios together. Nicholas McClintock and Trey Dicks bravely allowed their negotiation meeting to be filmed so that all students could learn from their experience.

Immediately following the meeting, Steve and Abel met with the entire class discussing what went well, what could have gone better, and suggestions for future meetings.

What an amazing opportunity! This was the first of many CEO experiences where students will learn the incredible value of feedback :)

A huge shout out to Nicholas, Trey, Steve and Abel for creating an incredible learning opportunity for all of our students! Stay tuned to hear an update on badge design :)