Guest Speaker | Steve Cooper | Division President (Eastern) / Senior Vice President | First Mid Bank & Trust
Topic: Making a good impression
For the 4th year running, CEO had the pleasure of hosting Steve Cooper to speak on the importance of making a good impression.
Fact of life: you never know when someone is watching you. Watching your words, actions, behaviors and passing judgement on who you are. These judgements, both good and bad, true or false, can leave a lasting impact far into the future. Your attitude and how you present yourself, determines your altitude.
How do you set yourself up for success? The “little things” matter.

• Practice a solid introduction with eye contact.
• Your appearance matters. It is the first thing people notice so dress to the occasion.
• Put the phones away. If you are taking notes, use pen and paper. A screen sets a barrier between you and another person.
• Arrive early.
• Be prepared.
• Do your research.
• Follow up. Show genuine appreciation when others give their time to you.
• Have confidence. Know that you are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.
• Social media…is HUGE! What you post, on any forum, cannot be taken back. Be smart about what you post and know that once you release content, it cannot be taken back.
• Mutual respect. Especially in today’s current climate, emotions can run high and opinions can be very oppositional. Hold true to your values, but realize that business relationships are about mutual respect. It is OK to disagree with someone on their idea or position, it is not OK to be disrespectful.
• Set the standard…be the hardest worker. Volunteer. Give back to your community. Don’t just do it because people will notice and will think highly of you…do it because it is the right thing to do to make our world a better place.
First Mid has been a classroom host site and program investor since the program launched in 2018. Steve, Abel Anderson, and many other First Mid employees have been a major contributing factor to the growth and development of our program and each of our students. From all of us at CEO, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude for ALL that First Mid has contributed!