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Hard work, passion and commitment radiated from Dylan Palmer and Blake Flener, barbers at Barbers On South Main. Blake took over the local barber shop as owner a little over one year ago. While the shop received a makeover, new barbers and a new name, the core of the business remained the same; provide the ultimate hair cut/beard trim/hot shave experience for all of the area’s local gentlemen.

Students had a chance to tour the super stylish, retro-themed barber shop. After taking in all of the red and blue décor, students had a chance to hear Blake and Dylan's stories.

After receiving his bachelor’s in business, Blake spent many years in the restaurant industry as both a waiter and manager. However, when that lifestyle was not conducive for the family life that he wanted, he decided to take the plunge and pursue something that had interested him since high school – cutting hair. He made the drive from Edwardsville to Decatur to attend barber school for almost a year. Blake then shadowed Daryl, owner of one of the only local barber shops in the Edwardsville area, and took the shop over from him once he retired. Blake and Dylan met in Blake’s last month at barber school. Dylan moved to Edwardsville and joined Blake’s new shop as his right-hand barber.
Blake and Dylan’s stories had so many life lessons for our entrepreneurs:

• Don’t get sucked into an education or a career that doesn’t make you happy. If you don’t buy in or have interest in what you are doing, then you won’t be able to give 110% of yourself.
• College is awesome, but it may not be for everyone. Don’t count out trade schools – you can have a great career and make a great living which doesn’t necessarily require a 4-year degree.
• When you love what you do, you will give it your all. When you work hard and give 110% of yourself every day, the money will come.
• While knowing how to give a great hair cut is very important, equally as important is the ability to build relationships and maintain excellent customer service. Anyone can get that first customer – what matters is if you can keep that customer coming back again and again.
Any incredible visit with two fantastic community members. Blake and Dylan, THANK YOU for taking a break from your busy schedules and visiting with Edwardsville CEO. We look forward to visiting again soon!

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