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What is TRex?

T-REX is a non-profit innovation and entrepreneur development center dedicated to strengthening the economic vitality of St. Louis, one startup at a time. Like a magnet, T-REX attracts innovation to our core downtown region. A coworking space, technology incubator, and entrepreneur resource center; we offer an ecosystem where ideas are conceived, brought to fruition, and given room to grow. We’ve worked to create an environment that serves as a network of creativity and support, where abstraction finds clarity in the midst of a collection of bright and dedicated minds. Hovering above a vivacious, animated city, we’re now home to a growing community of well over 400 founders, developers, designers, mentors, educators & more.

Students had the opportunity to tour T-Rex and meet with four incredible leaders. Mark Tatgenhorst began the tour sharing with students the history of T-Rex and how it has grown. T-Rex gives startups the chance to grow and prosper. A small monthly fee provides small startups work spaces, mailing address, free legal advice, mentors and more!

Mark emphasized that no matter which career you embark on, building your professional and personal net worth, building relationships and understanding what people need is key.

David Berczek, Greg Turner and Matt Tatgenhorst gave an overview of the incredible WORLD of the geospatial industry. Geospatial truly affects everything we do and all industries. They explored the vastly different career paths that expand far beyond “a geographer sitting at a desk making a map.” It is extremely exciting to know that St. Louis is the epicenter of geospatial innovation.

Through all of their experience, our speakers encouraged students to:

- Follow your passion
- Recognize and contribute to the value of your community
- Think about your why
- Focus more on making a difference than making a paycheck. When you find your passion and find a way to make a difference, the money will inevitably come.

What an amazing tour. A huge thank you to T-Rex for hosting us and for Greg, Dave, Matt and Mark for taking the time to speak with us!

Guest Speakers:

Mark D Tatgenhorst
Technology Entrepreneur Center/T-Rex
Geosaurus Program Director|

Matthew Hanks
Program Manager | GeoMobility Program at Scott Air Force Base

David Berczek
Corporate Communications Chief | NGA

Greg Turner
Technical Architect | GIS Inc.

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