Trade show booths…not just your average table!

Edwardsville CEO mentor and GCS Credit Union Business Development Representative Lacy Able met with CEO students this morning to talk trade show booths! Lacy has taken part in many trade shows promoting several different businesses. She has seen booths that draw visitors in and booths that do the opposite.

Lacy set up two different example tables and coached our crew on “Do’s and Don’ts” of what makes a successful booth. A few of her tips:

• Be outgoing!
• Draw people in, do not just stand behind your table.
• Wear comfortable shoes!
• Your mask choice makes a difference…be sure it is something that you can wear and talk through for the entire trade show.
• Never turn your back to your audience.
• Consider incorporating COVID-safe activities that will engage your audience
• Think through payment methods and consider bringing a "helper" to aid in transactions
• Your cell phone should be non-existent. Put it AWAY until after the show.
• Add dimension to your table whenever possible-- bring in crates, display items etc. to draw the eye up!
• Noise is not a bad thing! The most successful trade shows are ones where people are engaged and having fun :)

Lacy, THANK YOU for taking the time to share this wealth of information with our students!

The 2021 Edwardsville CEO Trade Show will take place Sunday, May 2nd from noon - 3:00pm at The Ink House and will be open to the public! We cannot wait to showcase the amazing products and services that our students have been crafting. Look for more details and exciting announcements to be released soon on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

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