🌟"No matter your circumstances, no matter your history, you are in charge of your future!" 🌟

CEO had the pleasure of hosting Melissa Georgeoff, Chief Contracting Officer for Advent Home Medical Inc., to class this morning!

Melissa is an advocate for people with disabilities and lobbies in Washington D.C. to educate legislators on the importance of CRT and in support of legislation that protects access to it. She has been involved in national and local organizations such as the National Coalition of Assistive Rehab Technology (NCART), AAHomecare, Users First, United Spinal Association, Ranken Jordan Pediatric Hospital, and the St. Louis Variety Club. Melissa also served on the foundation board of SSM, DePaul Hospital and led Numotion’s educational programs for managed care and payer groups. Melissa was the Senior Team Lead for Numotion’s Women’s Network and was a member of the Black & Brown Network & the Disabilities Network.

Melissa helps people identify their potential, overcome barriers and achieve a life fueled by passion and purpose.

Her presentation this morning was truly inspirational. A few key takeaways included:

🌟 Don't forget to remind yourself of where you started and how you've grown. Find your PATH from your PAST.

🌟 Seek tough feedback from those you respect and trust.

🌟 Success is the overlap between passion and talent.

🌟 Small steps can lead to huge growth.

🌟 Sometimes, the impact you are making can seem invisible...that doesn't mean you aren't making a huge difference.

🌟 Your mindset is everything. When you find yourself putting yourself down and underestimating your abilities, tell yourself a different story.

🌟 Be proud of growth -- big or small.

🌟 Success is not always defined by your career or finances, but rather by purpose and passion.

Melissa, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with our students today! We could not have asked for a better experience for our last speaker of the year!!