"Never burn a bridge & never stop learning!"

🚘 🍩 Delighting our crew with colorful stories, business knowledge, donuts, life advice and some pretty sweet wheels was the dynamic father/son Co-Owner team at MasterCars Co Inc, Gary and Alex Rosenberger!

Alex and Gary's story is a true testament that it is never too late to begin pursuing your dream. When you are passionate about something, put in the sweat equity, and take time to develop relationships, anything can happen.

Above all else, Alex encouraged our young entrepreneurs to ALWAYS prioritize what matters most. Never stop pursuing your goals, but don't get too caught up in those goals to miss the most important opportunities and the family and friends that you hold most dear.

What a way to end our last business visit of the year for the class of 2023!

A giant THANK YOU to Gary and Alex for hosting and investing in our program and students. We sincerely appreciate your support!!!