✨Healthy choices, people and places. ✨

CEO welcomed Madison County Health Department Sanitarian, Ms. Chairo Shaffer, to class this morning. Chairo went over the vision, mission and importance of the health department. MCHD has a unique obligation to follow many different regulations from many different places (federal, state, county and city). The department has to communicate and regulate these laws to local businesses in order to ensure safe practices and environment for our residents.

Imperative to her job is the ability to COMMUNICATE effectively, respectfully and quickly. Being flexible to an ever-changing schedule and willing to pivot are essential.

This year, we have FOUR students that will be launching individual businesses in the food category (stay tuned for the delicious details soon!) After her group discussions, Ms. Chairo met with our “food gals” one-on-one to discuss the what they need to know for their various business ventures including; Certified Food Protection, Cottage Food Law, Food handler license and more! They are now armed with the resources they need to follow the regulations for their exciting ventures!

A big thank you to Madison County Health Department for your time, resources and support of ours students and program! We look forward to working with you!