🍋When life gives you lemons…you play laser tag!🍋

As a first in Edwardsville CEO history…due to inclement weather, students’ 1st semester class business venture, The Most Magical Night in Edwardsville, had to be entirely rescheduled.

A frequent topic covered by our guest speakers throughout the year is the importance of an entrepreneur’s ability to PIVOT. Thursday morning, students evaluated the ominous wind advisories and knew they were far beyond the levels dictated as safe by their inflatable screen vendor. The difficult decision was made to begin putting “Plan B” into action – moving their event to the rainout date of Friday, November 18th.
Thursday and Friday, students jumped right into action. The team met for hours outside of regularly schedule class time and prepared:

⭐️ Detailed messages that would be emailed and communicated via phone calls to customers, vendors and sponsors.

⭐️ Marketing announcements across their social media platforms. Many posts & phone calls were made & emails were sent.

⭐️ Plan C…if (heaven forbid) Nov 18th has poor weather, what is the game plan?

⭐️ A phone interview with local radio station Riverbender.com & Our Daily Show– a big THANK YOU to Riverbend CEO Program alumnus CJ Nasello for speaking with our students and featuring them on your program!
Instead of wallowing in their disappointment, students channeled their energy into determined attitudes to use the additional two weeks of planning to their advantage!

Lessons from guest speakers flowed right into their conversations and helped guide decision making:

💡 “Things happen. Make sure your entire team is on the same page when it comes to damage control and clearly communicating unexpected mishaps.” Bonni Burns (BAM Marketing)

💡 “Relationships are everything – your ability to personally reach out and communicate with your contacts is paramount.” – Chad Opel (Front Office)

💡 “A partnership has to work both ways – when working with other businesses and vendors, be sure to always have an equal “give” and “get.” – Nancy Schneider (Chef's Shoppe Gourmet Kitchen Store)

For these reasons and so many more, this is why the CEO Class Business Venture is SO much more than a “fundraiser”...it is a remarkable experience that teaches students countless lessons for life and business.

As a special treat for their amazing attitude and teamwork, the CEO board treated our crew to an hour of laser tag and fun at Edisons in Edwardsville. A well-deserved reward for their incredible work ethic.

CEO, you are riding the rapids like champs. Your community is incredibly proud of you and is so excited to watch you launch The Most Magical Night in Edwardsville… on Friday, November 18th!

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