“We are always on stage. Someone is always watching. Whether you realize it or not, your appearance, attitude and actions are consistently creating YOUR personal brand.”
Our first guest speaker, Steve Cooper (Division President, Eastern Division, First Mid Bank & Trust), led students in a discussion centered around one of the most important topics covered of the year…making a good first impression.
Not only do the little things matter, they make all the difference. What are the little things?
• A solid handshake and greeting
• Name badge
• Being ready to take notes and share contact information
• Your personal appearance
• Social media
• Timeliness
• Understanding safe topics
• Confidence
Making a good impression, the art of conversation and being able to interact with all different types of people is a dance, one that takes practice, patience and persistence. Not everyone gets it right 100% of the time. However, when you understand what the little things are and work to get them right, you begin to shape your personal brand and elevate your position among the crowd.
Steve, thank you for another wonderful discussion with our CEO students. Not only did students enjoy the chance to practice making a good impression, they took away countless valuable lessons and thoroughly enjoyed the generous donuts!