We are days away from welcoming our new class of 26 high school seniors. As we prepare to launch a new school year, we reflect on the 4 classes of Edwardsville CEO students that have graduated the program. The lessons they learned and the legacy they left have paved the way for our incoming class.
At the conclusion of each year, students are surveyed about their CEO experience. One question they are asked, "Has CEO changed or affected your view of our community?"
Enjoy the quotes from our class of 2022 as we look forward to how our community will shape yet another batch of incredible young adults.
• Yes. I see how connected Edwardsville is. Networking with others is key to being successful and all the businesses do it. I realize how much they give back to the community as well and it gives me a sense of pride knowing I live in such a great town. I have reflected a lot this year and I always think to myself, how lucky am I to live and grow up in such a great, connected community.
• Yes, it has given me a better understanding of the vast amount of business types in our community. A lot of the places we’ve gone to are places I knew little or nothing about
• It has showed me how much our community cares and how much people will put their arms out to help.
• Yes, it has. It opened my eyes to the beauty and generosity that the community has to offer.
• It has because I learned that people are just people. I have been able to view business owners within our community as people like me.
• Yes, it has made me understand businesses better and how they actually work as well as what kind of people run them.
• Yes, it's made me appreciate all the work that goes into a business. CEO has made me realize that the business world is definitely not for me, but it has opened my eyes to smart and qualified these business people are.
• Yes, after seeing all of the local businesses in my community it has showed me how lucky I am to be in a community with business owners that care about the city. Almost every business owner mentioned how being in this community has helped their business.
• Yes, I have a lot more respect for the Edwardsville community and how interlaced all the businesses with each other.
• CEO has allowed me to see the depths of local businesses. Each business and person has an interesting story that lies behind them. Now when I pass small shops and restaurants, I wonder what their story is instead of simply what I can buy there.
• CEO has not changed my view of the community but enhanced it I think. I always knew Edwardsville was a special unique town and that it was very community and charity oriented but over the past year I have been able to see first-hand just how true that really is.
• It made me realize that the business owners are very willing to help and are full of great advice. They will not hesitate to help you and share advice from their experiences.
• It has made me see even more how close our community is together and that they help each other.
• Yes, this program has made me realize that there is so much opportunity in our back yard. This has definitely made me feel more a part of our community as well.
• Yes. It has shown me that Edwardsville is a large, tight-knit community that respects excellence.
• Yes, it has shown me how supportive our community has been.
• Yes. Just driving down the road a year ago, there were places that I never took the time to even look at. Now I know the inside scoop and I love driving down the road and remembering what I learned from each place. The Edwardsville community is so caring and I am happy to get to live in such a beautiful town with great people.
• Yes I never stopped and payed attention to some of the businesses around town but now I look at them differently. Since launching my own business, I have been able to appreciate the businesses more and know that there is a lot of hard work that goes into it.
• Yes because I did not know how many local business there truly are in our community, and I didn't know of all of the opportunities available in our area.
• Yes, looking beyond the surface shows our community is more connected than I thought before, also local business owners are more colorful than I thought